About Sticks & Bones Studios



Hey there! I'm Mary Commanda and I am the artist and crafter behind Sticks & Bones Studios. I am from Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nations and I'm currently living in Toronto, Ontario. 

I specialize in unique dreamcatchers that incorporate materials found in nature such as fallen branches, bones, raw crystals, and natural feathers. 
My pieces play with asymmetry while still maintaining visual balance. Each piece I create is one of an kind and unfolds around the branch as the centre of the piece. I use fallen branches found mainly in the Toronto or Pikwakanagan areas. I carefully clean and sand each branch to uncover the natural grain of the wood. This is one of my favorite parts of the process. I find it so satisfying to see the beauty uncovered once the dirt and rot has been removed. 
I first learned the craft of dreamcatcher weaving as a child and picked it up again as an adult looking for an artistic outlet to relieve the pressures of working a high stress corporate job. I have since left that job and I have been a creative entrepreneur since 2015. 
Along side creating dreamcatchers, I have expanded into other leather works such as moccasins, bags and infant moccasins and I will continue to learn and master the craft as much as I possibly can. 
I am also available to facilitate workshops for the different leather works and dreamcatcher making. It is important to me to share my knowledge with both the indigenous and non-indigenous communities. I feel that learning and understanding of the indigenous mindset is a pathway to reconciliation which is incredibly important to me and a huge part of why why I create.